A Future Payment System Is With OTOCASH Platform



What is OTOCASH ? OTOCASH (OTO) is ERC20 base Token, OTOCASH will be a revolutionary payment platform that enables buyers to use their OTO Token in order to pay sellers (private or merchants). We provide sellers with the safety and convenience of receiving funds in fiat currency and offer the best consumer-protection to buyers.
Why you need to have OTO Token ? As the universal payment system, The value of OTO Token will increase due to high demand; This is because OTO Token will be the Payment token we will ensure that OTOCASH platforms are operated as fast as possible. The total supply of OTO Tokens is up to 100 million only. .

Post ICO Fund Allocated For OTOCASH's continuity and advancement in the future, We have planned more focused spending on it

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    Development We allocate up to 40% for development purposes, for this we focus more on consumers and new market exploration in various industries.

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    Advertising With a well-designed planning, we are confident of being able to increase the OTO Token value and make the OTO Token gain worldwide attention.

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    Stability and Reserved Allocated up to 25% of the total funds and a total of  OTO Token as a reserve is 5% or up to 5 million tokens from the total token have be sold is a long-term plan for the stability of the company to remain resilient to the future business environment.


Road Map Our Road Map is a real workaround that can give you real situation about OTOCASH timeline

Token Allocated Details

Here we state the token distribution transparently.
  • 92.5% ICO Distribution
  • 5% Reserve
  • 2.5% Company Members

Our Papers Details

Our White Paper is our company's Official Document where is include the detailing of company movement for your reference at all time


What is an ICO?

ICO stands for “Initial Coin Offering” and it is a means of raising crypto-capital through a crowdfunding campaign by distributing token to the contributors. A digital asset or token is issued for a specific purpose with platform utility in mind. After the ICO process is done, the tokens may be used in a platform or traded on crypto-exchanges, with market supply and demand deciding on its fair value.

What is OTOCASH?

OTOCASH (OTO) is ERC20 base Token

Why should I use OTO Token?

As the universal payment system is definitely the value of OTO Token will increase due to high demand, we have the OTO Token price will more than USD 100 after 6 months post-ICO.Furthermore, you can use OTO as a base payment method in the entire OTO ecosystem. Therefore, you could start trading stocks or virtual goods.

Our Allies

As a payment system organization that will evolve as the world's leading payment platform, it fosters collaboration with well-known business partners